I have said it once and I will say it again.  I LOVE Pinterest!  It has completely changed the way in which I search the internet.  But along with the good, of course comes the bad.  I can’t tell you how many pins I have pinned with excitement only to have them completely FAIL.  So we decided  we would start sharing with you some of the pins we have tried but turned to a bust, as well as pins that are worth pinning – we can’t just focus on the bad, can we, that is just not good for the soul.

So hopefully we can save you some trouble and money by letting you know what works and what doesn’t 🙂

The Claim:
This DIY Hair Conditioner, will make your hair silky smooth, shiny and would last for at least a month in your shower.

The Result:
Well let me tell you, this pin was a COMPLETE FAIL.  It did not pass on any of the claims put forth.  It made my hair greasy, yet managed to make it feel like straw at the same time (how it could achieve both these states is beyond me), and it certainly did not last a month in my shower, honestly it only last like 5 days before I opened it up to look at it (cause I certainly wasn’t going to use it again) and it was all covered in mold…EWWWW GROSS.

 If you have a pin that either failed miserably or went off with great success we would LOVE to hear about it.

Until next time….