Another one of the many items I have on my house to do list….is making over my craft room!

Sometimes there are so many ideas floating through my head that it is difficult to decide on where to start. So when inspiration and clarity is what I crave, one of the things I do is hit the web and look at what others have done, and get ideas that I can somehow incorporate into my own design ideas.

Each of these rooms have some neat ideas that if combined would make for one FABULOUS craft room.

Be sure to check back soon, as I will be posting my craft room makeover progress as it comes along!

Room Inspiration
Every craft room needs a good seat, and I love the pop of colour that this one brings to the room.

The peg board storage system is easy to put together and keeps everything neat in place.

How Joyful
Love the BLUE of this closet office space. I myself have done the same in my craft room with the filing cabinets as the base of the desk. The idea I take from this design are the rollers underneath them, which is a fabulous ideas, as it raises the cabinets to a more appropriate height.

Apartment Therapy
I really like the open shelving system and that all the items are stored in clear containers, so there is no guessing what supplies you have. I also like the ribbon holder and the pencil and pen container that is hanging just above the desk, leaving the desk free of clutter.

Heather Bailey
Love the cabinet in the middle of the room, it is big enough to do any cutting required. Also really like the hutch on the back wall with all the fabrics folded and in view.