It’s a Hairy Situation

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It’s a Hairy Situation

Everyone has it, unfortunately some have too much and some don’t have enough. If yours is curly you want straight and if you have straight you want curly….what am I talking about….HAIR of course! There are so many different things you can do with hair; braids or ponies, short or long and everything in between.

This season there seems to be a huge range of styles that are in, from centre parts to loose waves to the “wet look” which I simply don’t understand how that is a look???. I am happy to say however that fringe is still in. Whether you go side swept or opt for a full fringe there are many different fringe styles for all face shapes. Check out some of my favorite hairstyles with fringe.

Seeing some of these just might make you get the itch, to book an appointment with you stylist and revamp your look in time for spring.


My two all time favorites styles right now couldn’t be more different.
First off Michelle Williams with her adorable pixie cut and short sideswept bang.
And of course Zooey Deschanel’s long wavy hair with full fringe.
I am absolutley in LOVE with her style not only her hair but her clothing choices as well.