DIY Dresser Makeover 1

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DIY Dresser Makeover 1

I love thrift shopping! And when I saw this dresser at the local goodwill for $10.00 I had to have it. It has 9 drawers which can hold ALOT of stuff. So after I bought it and had my hubby lug it home for me :). Thanks hunny! I got to work.


First I removed the hardware and set them aside for later, the next step was to sand the entire dresser. I then used CIL Realife Paint (which is a one coat application it has paint and primer in one) to paint the piece. This dresser took three coats of paint to get the proper coverage. I then took the old hardware and spray painted it white and attached them back on once the paint had dried. Take a look at the finished piece, I think it turned out pretty good! So for 10 bucks and a bit of elbow grease I have an awesome dresser to put my many things in.


You too can do this DIY project.