2012 Colour Trend In The Home

Tomorrow is my Today

This is a new year, and I have a new lease on life.  A new year is for new beginnings, and I am going to start this year off right.  I have a new mantra in life and it actually came from my 3 year old son, who told me that “tomorrow is my today”, when I heard this I had an epiphany…how could he have figured it out at such a young age.  Life is too short to wait for something to come your way, or wait for another day.  Life should be lived as though there will be no tomorrow, as you never know if today will be your last day.

So with my husband and my little man at my side I have decided that I will no longer procrastinate, I will no longer allow the L word (LATER) to come out of my mouth.  Whether it be doing the laundry, working out, or taking that family trip, no more putting things off.  Most tasks only take a matter of minutes to complete and can make your life more manageable and fulfilling.  So this year enough is enough, no more “I am too tired” or “there is always tomorrow” I am not going to procrastinate, I am going to live as though there is no tomorrow, as tomorrow is my today!

To help me live this mantra everyday I have created a wall decal and placed in on our front door, so I will remember to live every single day to its fullest.