Friday Finds: Hello Kitty Airline

I just had to share this find with you.  Ever since I was little I have been in love with Hello Kitty.  If you know anything about Hello Kitty you know they have so many items to choose from, ranging from stationary and jewellery to kitchen appliances and clothing, and now they even have an AIRLINE!  Eva Air and Sanrio have teamed up to bring people around the world Hello Kitty Aircrafts.  They are so whimsical, and gorgeous, any little girl or big girls dream!



DIY Project: Fishnet Vase

Here is a super quick, super easy DIY to change up the look of a vase without having to commit.   It's a new use for fishnet stockings.

Items required:
♥ Vase
♥ Fishnet stockings

This really could get any easier folks.  Simply take your fishnet stocking pull it over the vase cut off the excess and tadaa you have a really cool looking vase without much effort and can be changed back just as effortlessly.  Fun eh!  Go try it out for yourself.

Friday Favourites - iPhone Apps

Today I am going to share with you some of my FAVOURITE apps for the iphone.  I am not sure if Android has these particular apps available, but I am sure they have something similar if they don't.


Zombies, Run! - This is a really cool running app.  You can set it for approx. how long of a run you would like to do and you are out an about during a zombie apocalypse.  Someone is talking to you on a radio letting you know if there are zombies around you and if you need to speed it up or not.  It also has a zombie chase mode where you run into a herd of zombies and have to outrun can hear them all the way.  It is really quite fun.  If you are into The Walking Dead at all, you will just love this.

MyNetDiary -  It's essentially a food journal, but does so much more.  You enter how much you currently weigh and what you target weight is and when you want to be at that weight.  It then calculates how many calories you can eat daily and tracks what you eat when you enter it, letting you know how many calories you have left to eat during the day.  It even does an analysis of your eating each and every day.  Entering the food couldn't be any easier either, it has a bar code scanner included in the app and tons of searchable foods aswell.  This is the BEST food journal app I have every come across.  In the first week of using this I lost 2 pounds without even trying.  It keeps you really honest with yourself and you become very aware of everything you are putting in your mouth.


IKEA - Not only can you create shopping lists of what you want to get on your next trip to IKEA, but it also shows you which aisle and bin number the items you want are in and it also can tell you if the item is in stock or not.  Very cool app.

Fashion Closet - I might be dating myself here, but you know the movie Clueless...Cher's closet...Need I say more.  Well this App is that, minus the huge expense and huge room you would require to house that closet.  This app allows you to take pictures of your clothes and put items together to see how they would look together without making the huge mess in your room by taking everything out of the closet.  You can then save the outfits to look back on later.


Instagram - Everyone knows what Instagram is.  You can share your photos with family and friends and has very nice quick photo filters to apply to your pics which makes even the most boring picture look fantastic.

Camera+ - Another photo editing app.  Has plenty of filters, settings etc to apply to pictures, you can then share them with family and friends via social media sites, or e-mail.

Instacollage - Creates collages out of your photos very effortlessly.

Tapbooth - Creates Photobooth shots, very fun.

Entertainment (For Mom):

Craftgawker - Has TONS of great DIY craft ideas.  If you are ever bored and looking for something to do....visit this!

Bloglovin - Stay up to date with all your favourite blogs in one place.  (Be sure to follow Artemis and Apollo to stay up to date on all our posts)

Entertainment (For Kids):

Puppy Play - Playschool has about 5 of these little apps for babies and kids alike.  They are super cute and will keep your baby entertained for that few minutes you need while checking out at the grocery store :)

Where's my Water - This one if for you older child let them play while in the car for that long or short trip or in the cart at the store, so you don't have to be in such a rush.

So there you go, these are my top 12 favourite apps right now.  If you have a favourite app that I did not include, please be sure to share it with me!

DIY Project: Fall Pom Pom Sweater Wreath

Fall is here!  I am telling you I think Fall is the most beautiful time of the year.  If there is a destination that has fall temperatures year round, I SOOOOO want to move there.  Fall is also my favorite season for fashion too, it means layers and it means scarves, jackets, hats, boots, and even sweaters.  I thought since we bundle up in nice cozy sweaters in the fall why not do the same for a wreath.  Below you will find my Fall Pom Pom Sweater Wreath DIY.
Items needed for this DIY:
♥ Yarn in the colour scheme of your choice
♥ Knitted sweater (I got mine from the thrift shop, you might even have one kicking around the house that you don't use any more)
♥ Pool Noodle
♥ Duct Tape
♥ Hot Glue Gun


♥ Cut the sleeves off of your sweater and put them on the pool noodle.

♥ Cut the pool noodle to the appropriate size so that the sweater arms completely cover the noodle.
♥ Tape the pool noodle together to form the wreath.

♥ Next step is to create the Pom Pom's for on the wreath (pictures below)
♥ Wrap the yarn around your hand 100 times and then pull off your hand
♥ Tie a piece of yarn around the middle of the yarn and pull it tight
♥ Cut the loops on the top and the bottom of the yarn where you tied it
♥ You will end up with an uneven pom pom, which you need to trim up to get the desired look
♥ If you want to make smaller pom pom's wrap the yarn around 3 fingers and follow the same steps and you will end up with a smaller pom pom.

♥ Make as many pom pom's as your design requires then strategically glue them in place
♥ I braided a bunch of strands of the yarn to make the hanger for the wreath.

Now you have a gorgeous Fall Wreath to enjoy!

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