DIY Project: Slouchy Beanie Hat for Baby

Do you LOVE the look of knitted hats, but don't really have the time or the patients to actually learn how to knit?  Well then I have the BEST solution for you!  A KNITTING LOOM, now this is not anything new by any means, but it is new to me!  You can purchase them at any craft supply store in various sizes and shapes and you can knit tons of things with them without having to spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how to knit. 

I am not going to do a step by step tutorial with pictures etc, cause there are plenty of them online that you can find (u-tube).  But I will let tell you how I accomplished the slouchy hat for my son.

♥ Super Chunky Yarn
♥ Round Knitting Loom with 31 Pegs
♥ Knitting Loom Tool (hook) (will come with the knitting loom when you buy it)
♥ Yarn Needle (again will come with your loom)
♥ Crochet Hook (optional)
♥ Large Wooden Button (or button of your choice)

To make this particular slouchy hat I ended up doing 35 rounds on the knitting loom.  Once I finished the hat and closed it off (again there are plenty of tutorials out there on how to do this).  I then took a crochet hook and crocheted two rows of single crochet at the base of the hat.  This step is optional, but I highly recommend it as if you don't do this step the base of the hat will curl and wont look as nice.  Next I attached the button with the same yarn I used for the hat.  Then in order to have it stay looking slouched all the time, I sewed the back of the hat down to the base.  Super easy, pretty quick and your little guy or gal will look adorable!

Flashback Friday - Photography

As you know I have two adorable little boys and one thing that I have started doing is taking pictures of them in the same poses at roughly the same age.  I am constantly hearing "oh my goodness your boys look exactly the same", so I thought why not capture the similarities and difference in pictures. 

It started off with my Dad telling me how much he loved a certain photo of our oldest son, so I wanted to take the same picture of our youngest son and give it to him as a gift.  Once I replicated the photo and put them side by side I was completely in love with this idea!

As you can see though, my photography skills have greatly improved over the years, but it still serves the purpose and I just love it!  There will definitely be more of these types of photos in our future.


Simple DIY Paint Makeover

Today I wanted to share with you a VERY simple DIY makeover I did on my laptop table. 

As you can see from the before shot, my laptop table had seen better days.  It was all stained and gross looking (ewww) and was in my pile of things to get rid of.  Then an idea came to mind as to how I can make it look new again....paint....duh!  I didn't just want to paint it one colour and be done with it, as that would be rather boring.  So I decided to do a neat geometric design in pastel shades.

All I did was paint the entire top in a base coat, which was a pale blue.  I then waited for that to dry and then used washi tape to create the design I was after.  Next I painted the shapes using Martha Stewart Craft Paint and as simple as that I was done!   Like I said super duper easy and can be done on ANYTHING!

DIY Bubble Necklace

Bubble necklaces are really hot right now, but can be rather expensive, i.e. at J.Crew  you are looking to drop about $175.00 to acquire one.  That is a little too much for me to spend, so I thought why not make one myself that way I can get the exact colour and style I want for a fraction of the price.

I made mine for under $10.00!

Materials Required:
1) Any colour of Sculpey, Fimo or Premo (I used Premo in Mint)
2) Jump rings
3) Necklace chain with closure
4) 2 pairs of needle nose pliers
5) Toothpick
6) Mold (I used a Martha Stewart silicone mold)
7) Cookie sheet
8) Parchment Paper (optional)
9) Gloss

♥  First off you need to sketch out what you want your necklace to look like, so you know how many pieces of each size cabouchon you will need, as well as where you will need to put the holes. 

♥  Make the appropriate amount of cabouchons required for your design. 

♥  Lay out the cabouchons in the design you want and use the toothpick to make the holes to connect the pieces together - make them large enough that the jump rings can fit through.

♥  Once all the holes have been made place the cabouchons on the cookie sheet with parchment paper on it.

♥  Back according to the directions.  I baked mine for 30 minutes at 275 degrees.

♥  Let the baked cabouchons cool on the baking tray, once they have cooled you can start assembling your bubble necklace.  You do this with the needle nose pliers and jump rings.

♥  Attach the necklace chain and tadaa, you have a beautiful bubble necklace to enjoy.

♥  You can also add a top coat gloss on the cabouchons to give it a more finished look, or just leave as it for a matte look.

Now go ahead and make them in any colour, shape and style you like!

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