Unconventional Jewelry Display Ideas

I love to find new uses for old things.  So when I decided it was time to get my jewelry collection in order I decided to do to just that. 

I started off at HomeSense where I found two lovely wall mounted shelves, both of which are intended as towel holders, but I decided that they would be THE PERFECT pieces to start my jewelry display.  Other items I used were a paper towel holder, sugar bowl, tea cup and saucer, candle holders, guest hand towel holder, and kitchen serving pieces.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box, I used items from my home, HomeSense and even the 2nd hand store.  I shopped in every department other than the storage department to create this unique unconventional jewelry display.

 Tiered Kitchen Serving Tray as bracelet holder, sugar bowl for watch storage, guest towel holder for bracelet storage, or short necklaces.  All these items were from a second hand store.

Tea cup and saucer for broach storage - acquired at a second hand store

Fillable Candle Holders  - had previously, but wasn't using them.

Towel Holder from HomeSense to hang long necklaces.

Old distressed frame from second hand store, transformed into an earring holder via a super easy DIY.

DIY Jewelry Display using candlestick holder with serving tray glued on top for storing smaller earring studs.

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