DIY Project: Fall Pom Pom Sweater Wreath

Fall is here!  I am telling you I think Fall is the most beautiful time of the year.  If there is a destination that has fall temperatures year round, I SOOOOO want to move there.  Fall is also my favorite season for fashion too, it means layers and it means scarves, jackets, hats, boots, and even sweaters.  I thought since we bundle up in nice cozy sweaters in the fall why not do the same for a wreath.  Below you will find my Fall Pom Pom Sweater Wreath DIY.
Items needed for this DIY:
♥ Yarn in the colour scheme of your choice
♥ Knitted sweater (I got mine from the thrift shop, you might even have one kicking around the house that you don't use any more)
♥ Pool Noodle
♥ Duct Tape
♥ Hot Glue Gun


♥ Cut the sleeves off of your sweater and put them on the pool noodle.

♥ Cut the pool noodle to the appropriate size so that the sweater arms completely cover the noodle.
♥ Tape the pool noodle together to form the wreath.

♥ Next step is to create the Pom Pom's for on the wreath (pictures below)
♥ Wrap the yarn around your hand 100 times and then pull off your hand
♥ Tie a piece of yarn around the middle of the yarn and pull it tight
♥ Cut the loops on the top and the bottom of the yarn where you tied it
♥ You will end up with an uneven pom pom, which you need to trim up to get the desired look
♥ If you want to make smaller pom pom's wrap the yarn around 3 fingers and follow the same steps and you will end up with a smaller pom pom.

♥ Make as many pom pom's as your design requires then strategically glue them in place
♥ I braided a bunch of strands of the yarn to make the hanger for the wreath.

Now you have a gorgeous Fall Wreath to enjoy!

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