Cheap & Easy Ways to Stay Organized

I have been in organization overload for the past week, why?...I think I am just getting sick of constantly "tidying" and I figure if everything has a place it will be that much simpler to keep our home looking good...I would say immaculate...but I have a 3 year old little boy who simply has to have every single toy out when he is playing, so that will never happen, but I do intend to try!

I am always trying to find new uses for old things. So this weekend I hit the thrift stores with my parents and little man to see what we could find.  Boy oh boy was it a worth while trip!  I found so many awesome items, however I will only be sharing you a few with you in this post ;)

My Vanity
My vanity top is always a mess with a package of cotton swabs and Q-tips, make-up and brushes all over the place.  So I needed to find something to put my "stuff" in that actually looked good too.

What did I come up with...Cream pitchers and a butter dish of course.

Cream pitcher were the perfect solution for my makeup brushes and a flower.  I also came across this gorgeous silver butter dish to store my Q-tips and make-up pads in!

In my obsession to get organized I of course decided to hit up Pinterest for some insperation and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite unconvential organization items.  Enjoy!




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