The Sneaker Wedge

Casual Friday is here and what better to talk about than the newest thing in casual footwear.  Sneakers are comfortable, but as for style, they have always been lacking.  If I were to show up at work in runners, well, that is just unacceptable, not only are they not very pretty but they can make you look like you just don't care, and if you are like me and are vertically challenged, you just can't wear them for anything other than going to the gym...until now that is.

What better way to go to work on Casual Friday than in some stylish new sneakers, but with the added height of a wedge.  That is what these shoes are hiding, a nice height adding wedge!  Check out these fabulous styles I was able to come across.  I know I will be adding some into my wardrobe this spring.

 Nine West Original Sneakers, Les 200 Wedge Sneaker
Nine West Original Sneakers, Perri Wedge Lace Up Sneakers

ATHLETE Wedge Heel Trainers
See by Chloe
ASOS ARK Leather Wedge Ankle Boots


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  1. Jose Manuel Mendoza18 March 2012 08:30

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