I'm a Barbie Girl

I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world...As soon as I thought of this blog post that song immediately came to mind...lol

When I was a little girl I could play with Barbie for hours on end!  I had so many Barbie’s I couldn’t even count them all, not to mention all the clothes, accessories, houses, motor homes, and cars that you can think of.  My parents must have had to take out a 2nd mortgage with all the Barbie's and Barbie related items I had.  Thanks Mom and Dad :)
Even though I am older now, I still love Barbie.  No, I still don’t play with them; however I would if I didn’t think the word would get out :)  There is just something about Barbie that I will always love.  So for all of you that still have some Barbie love in your heart, this post is for you.
All these Barbie fashion illustrations have been created by Robert Best.






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