Thursday, 29 March 2012

Happy Thursday - Design Inspiration

Happy Thursday Folks!!!

Hope the week has been progressing smoothly...and all eyes are firmly locked unto the weekend :-) 
In today's post I wanted to feature the work of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design firm. I am always looking for great ideas to put in my dream house...and thus I am forever bookmarking images, magazines, websites and all things decor, so I can just have one place that reflects my style...... But I have never came across one place and saw everything I want and more, right in front of my eyes.....This amazing interior design firms gets it!!! All the spaces are so easy on the eyes, with soft tones and beautifully laid out areas. Enhanced further with sleek furniture and home decor accessories that add small pops of color. I experienced great joy perusing this website and I am sure you will as well. But for your instant gratification I have managed to pick some of my absolute favorite pieces (believe me it was a hard choice). Hope you enjoy and be sure to visit their website for more inspiration. Enjoy!

Have a great day!



  1. The designs look fantastic! Something to the effect of a celebrity tropical rest house. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. I find the place over-designed. Although these are all wonderful furniture,  they seem to eat up a lot of space. I prefer a simple look than this. wicker outdoor furniture