Dollar Store Treasures – DIY Window Covering

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the $ store, however I do believe it should be called the $20.00 Store, cause whenever you go in there you end up getting way more than you intended to.  I am so excited to share with you this dollar store treasure that I found. 

These really neat plastic designs came in a package of 2 for $2.00! They are available in all sorts of styles and you can get them in either black or white. I ended up buying quite a few of these cause I simply thought they were the coolest things ever!

Now to only figure out what to do with them....We have California shutters on our main floor windows, which are beautiful, but I wanted to add a little something extra to them, since I didn't want to cover them up with curtains I thought, why not use these. I decided I could add these on the inside of the window and add more character!

They attach together with metal links that are also included in the package, so it couldn’t be easier. All I had to do was screw an eye hook into the center of the window frame and tie these on with a beautiful black ribbon. Lucky for me, these were the perfect size, so no cutting or adjusting was required. So for approx. $3 per window you get an amazing unique look!

I think this gives a wonderful look to the window, the air can still get through, and it gives you a bit of privacy without completely blocking the light and view.


There are quite a few other things you could use these pieces for as well.  Below are some of the other ideas I had.  If you can think of anything else, please be sure to share!  The possibilities really are endless!
  • Table runner
  • Wall Art
  • Room Divider
  • Stencil
  • On the front of a bookshelf to hide clutter


  1. This is really neat and creative! A great example of thinking outside the box. :)

  2. Patricia Huckabee3 July 2012 at 20:27

    Are they called window coverings? What excatly should I look for there? I love this!

  3. Artemisapollo Boutique17 July 2012 at 12:44

      They are located in the craft aisle at Dollarama!  Hope you are able to
    find some, they come in lots of different designs, and in either black
    or white.


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