DIY Fancy Book Covers (Dust Covers) Tutorial

If you are like me you have TONS of books!  Not all of them are beautifully bound or nice for displaying, but that all changes now!

With this tutorial I will teach you how to turn any book, no matter how ugly or in some cases embarrassing to let people know you are reading, (i.e. being a thirty year old who has all the Twilight Novels and LOVES them :)) into a stunning book that can be displayed on a bookshelf, with pride.

Supplies - you will need
1) Book
2) Fancy paper - can use scrapbook paper
3) Scissors

Step 1 Choose the paper you want to use to cover your book.  Lay the right side of the paper face down and place your book on top of the paper with the top of the book flush against the top edge of the paper.  (For this DIY I decided to use A Song of Fire and Ice Series of Books, I simply adore the show and just must read the books.)

Step 2: With your scissors and cut a little slit in the paper as close to the bottom of the book as you can.  You will use this cut to fold the paper so you will get an exact line to cut along.  Once you have folded the paper using the cut you made you will unfold the paper and cut along that line.

Step 3: Now that you have your paper cut to the right size, place your book on the paper and wrap the paper around your book.  Making sure you have it centered properly.  Wrap the edges over the side of your book.  This will give you creases so you know exactly you need to create the folds.

Step 4: Using the creases created in Step 3 make proper fold so you get a crisp tight hold onto your book.  

Step 5: Place your book into your new cover and wrap the tabs over the front and back covers of the book.  You can tape it in place, or just leave it as is.  It holds very well without taping it.  Now you can either leave the books blank or use labels to title your books.

Finished Product 

Other Book Covers



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