DIY Armoire/Dresser Makeover

I love taking old pieces and breathing new life onto them. My parents decided to do a bit of editing in their home and one of the items they were going to get rid of was this....Now here is where I would have inserted said image had I not been in such a haste to paint it that I forgot to take the before pic... oops :).  Anyway, before the makeover the dresser was painted with an outdoor scene on it, which was beautiful but just not my style...not yet anyway. 

I wanted to give this piece a distressed look so I sanded down the entire outside, as much as I could at least (there was a lot of paint on it). I then painted it with Benjamin Moore Aura paint in a semi-gloss finish- no priming involved as Aura paint is a paint and primer in one. This piece took about 4 coats to cover. After the paint had completely dried I took my hand sander and got to work sanding down various spots to give the worn distressed vintage look. In fact some of the old colour can be seen in the sanded down area on the corners which I think just adds to the look. I then added various vintage handle pulls to finish off the look.



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