Romantic Mini Victorian Cottage

Through my many travels...on the web that is :) I came upon this absolutely GORGEOUS Mini Victorian Cottage.  This little "cottage" is only 9'x10', was previously a hunting cabin, and is hidding inside a spectacular getaway retreat! 

This little jewel has a sitting room, dining area and a lovely bedroom loft.  There is no kitchen or bathroom, but who needs that when you have all that beauty to look at.  The owner used vintage columns, flooring, and windows to complete the look and did all the carpentry herself.  Most of the stunning pieces in her cottage (like the chandelier and mirror) were flea market and garage sale finds.  And to top it all off the only way to gain access to the cottage is across rocks strategically placed across a running stream.


Now after seeing this I don't want to hear anyone say that their home is too small to pull off an exceptional look.  If this can be achieved in an area as small as 9'x10', anything can be accomplished if you put your time, energy and passion into it.  If I am ever lucky enough to have a little girl in my future I would love to be able to create her a little cottage like the one seen here.  I know when I was a child I would have given my arm and leg for a play house like that!  Heck, what am I talking about, I would STILL give my arm and leg for a little getaway like that :)  Simply Stunning! 

Images provided by The New York Times - Home and Garden.



  1. "Now after seeing this I don't want to hear anyone say that their home is too small to pull off an exceptional look."

    Please tell me where you cook, eat, poo, pee, store clothes or any other things, etc. A "home" is not just a bed and a cute table :/

  2. Hey Nicolas, this post was just to highlight the beautiful and inexpensive way you can decorate a small interior space. It shows that you do not need a large space and grand budget to pull off such a great look.  Also if you visited the source of the story (found at the bottom of this article), you would see that the occupants do not live in the cottage but in a trailer next to the cottage. Give the article a read it is such a charming story:-)

  3. Naholyr I was thinking the same thing. I could have done without that comment. My favorite features are ones that pull off beautiful looks but are also functional.


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