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Hello people, today we are going to talk about our favorite Home Renovation company PLANiT Builders. We have learned a lot about DIY Home Renovations from them, and we have decided to showcase them for today’s post.

Read some of the reviews, and you will see why we love love looove PLanit builders.

Over 1 year ago
Dale Coates was our Project Manager. He always kept in touch with us throughout the project. He always got back to us within or less than 24 hours. He was easy going and always attentive to our concerns. This was our first reno so we felt like we were pretty high maintenance we noted a lot of concerns with Dale throughout and he never seemed to be bothered or annoyed with us. Which I can understand in his line of work dealing with first timers could be annoying. He took the time to work through any issues we had. I am always apprehensive about recommending services to people simply because a company is only as good as it people. If you don't use the same person I am recommending you may or may not receive the same service I received. What I will say is I recommend Dale to complete your project. Also an honorable mention to Charlie Liu he completed our drawings and submitted the permits he was very nice and detail oriented. We are extremely happy with our new space and look forward to using it.
Basement renovation with Planitbuilders is systematic- from preassessment/planning , financial assistance, city approval and inspection and documentation, to actual works - from rough to finish and clean-up! Hassle free, worry-free , less disruption in our day to day routine and work time, quick and efficient. ..this is what we have had wanted. Thank you Sonny, Brian and the whole team.
Joselito Villegas
Joe Parker and frank garland shared supervision of our project. We were very happy with the service. Any questions or concerns were quickly acted upon. Garage was completed on time. We loved that Joe and frank always answered their phones. We definitely felt that there was always someone looking out for our best interest. We are happy with the finished garage.
Been treated lovely, had really good tradesmen spend 4 months in my home making it look fabulous. Minor timing hiccups as in all building to be expected, but the quality of work has been great. My site manager John has been a wonderful person to deal with. i never felt out the loop or invaded upon.. Highly recommend it. The designer was not sure of my designs but made all the nessesary adjustments and sent me to great suppliers. I got everything I hoped for! Thanx Planit snd thanks John!
Thank you very much everybody at Planit Builders! We had such a great Christmas with our family. Having you finish our basement gave us all the added room we needed to have the "Entire" family over! We love our flooring and how warm everything feels.
We loved working with PlanIt builders. From start to finish everything went smoothly thanks to the work of our project manager John P. They worked in a fast and efficient manor and catered to our schedules all while keeping our yard as clean as possible. Now we have an amazing finished two car garage with plenty of room for storage. Thanks PlanIt builders!
We recently worked with Joe Parker from Planit Builders in successfully completing our basement. We are very satisfied with the end result. Joe continually went above and beyond to ensure that our needs and wishes were met. In our opinion, site coordinators are responsible for too many projects at once.
Great timely completion, and PlanIt builders were supportive all the way. As a result, we have professionally finished, great basement. Thank you PlanIt Builders, and we look forward to working again with you.
Rajesh Sabharwal from Calgary
Angust somerset
I would recommend planit builders and here's why, it started from our first meeting with Kimberly . We felt very comfortable with her presentation and professionalism, we did have 2 other quotes that weekend but we decided to take advantage of their finance program. Our project took 4 weeks in design, not their fault ! we simply couldnt make up our minds on the layout and Arnold was very helpful in finalizing that decision with us and we thank him for being so understanding being our first renovation. Once we got started John our project manager made the transition from a quite home to a construction zone better then we anticipated. Our hardwood floors and tile were covered up with cardboard and drop sheets they also polyed the mechanical room to prevent the dust from getting sucked up through the furnace. As the project was running through its coarse we did in counter a few challenges but we trusted and knew they were going to be taken care of. It took 9 weeks of construction time and we cant be any happier. The trades were respectful of our family and were all very personable. We would like thank everyone that was involved and we look forward to setting up the basement.
Beau and Johnny made our basement development a success. The finishing touches and craftsmanship are perfect.....The basement is cool in the summer and toasty warm when it's chilly outside. We love the flooring so much, that we are now having it installed upstairs. THX to PLANiT Builders
Carrie & Ted D from Sherwood Park